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Re: Plugin to generate .epub file

Posted: 15 Jun 2015, 21:01
by elenzar
I have made a fresh install, set up the cache_starred_images plugin properly and have made my test plugin to run the update_task and housekeeping hook a system plugin: it works like a charm. So it was indeed a failure from my side; thanks a lot for your guiding towards the right solution. Now it should be way easier for me to achieve something in relation with the initial goal ^^

I also confirm that the plugin require to be a system plugin to run these hooks (at least in my install).

Re: Plugin to generate .epub file

Posted: 25 Jul 2015, 10:16
by elenzar
well it has been something like a month since last update

I now have a plugin which effectively create an epub file; however I have two issues right now:
- some of the articles results in blank pages (and the impossibility to flip page) in my Kobo Touch and the Aldiko app under Android; I think the problem is about the artcile formatting, but I could not figure out what the issuing parts are nor find a proper framework to strip html files from issuing characters for .epub files;
- the part fo the code to download the files from the prefs panel is not functional and seems to prevent the ttrss instance from working properly so I commented it in the code at the moment.

I do not expect to spend any more time on that topic in the (at least close) future, since I am stuck with the issue about blank pages and my research on that topic were not concluding. If anyone comes by and knows about this kind of issues in .epub files it would be great :)

Thank you again for your support in this plugin project, and for ttrss as well :)

Re: Plugin to generate .epub file

Posted: 18 Sep 2015, 18:20
by joshp
just a thought if you are still having trouble. Calibre ebook management software has a function to auto-generate an epub or mobi from rss feeds and these can be sent to any email address at the same time using a "recipe". It might help you while you are working out bugs.

Re: Plugin to generate .epub file

Posted: 09 Jan 2016, 00:08
by elenzar

It has been quite a time since I came across this post, even though I am still a happy user of ttrss.

About the project of a plugin spitting out an .epub file, I dropped this idea due to the following:
* no more need since my reader had to be updated, which broke the way I could sync a folder from the web, hence making it useless to generate an .epub file;
* the researches I made about a php library to produce proper .epub files (since the few tries I made resulted in .epub files improper enough for my reader to choke on it, I guess because of some special characters, but I could not figure it out clearly enough);
* I did not take enough time to pursue efficiently this project.

I ended buying an Android based e-reader, using the regular Android app.

Thanks for your suggestion though; taking a look into the Calibre code to see how it transform the feeds into a nice .epub file could have been a way to keep on going. I guess one could build a php library to produce these files, or make a call to Calibre itself to handle the job. I do not realize how much work it would be.