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fulltextrss plugin (from selfoss)

Posted: 15 Aug 2016, 01:06
by der-domi
Hey all!

I'm a long-time-user of tt-rss. Now I noticed from a german magazine (c't) that selfoss offers an fulltext import and found the tt-rss plugin "readability". So I compared the both features (tt-rss' readability and selfoss' fulltextrss) and the result is that the selfoss variant works much more better (at least due to the possibility to custom configuration of hosts).
=> I wanted that feature in tt-rss!

Now I made a quick-and-dirty-hack to get the (attached) plugin running for tt-rss. It works great (for my few sites with custom configs).

Maybe someone of you experts will beautify this plugin for tt-rss sometimes? :mrgreen: