Good shared hosting providers

If you run tt-rss on an officially unsupported platform (shared hosting, Windows, etc.) post here
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Good shared hosting providers

Postby davidm » 12 Aug 2013, 20:12

I ask you to post here the names of shared hosting providers who fulfil all the requisites for Tiny Tiny RSS. Specially, providers that you have personally tested.

TT-RSS has become less demanding in terms of system requisites and is able to work in more environments than before (for example, open_basedir support). But we know that it is advanced software and can be demanding. I think it would be good to know some providers that are proven to allow a flawlessly working TT-RSS installation.

We know the official requisites (as of 12-08-2013): ... ilityNotes

You need PHP 5.3 compiled with (at least) the following modules (those are actually very common and should be available unless specifically disabled by your hosting provider):

CURL (not required, but highly recommended) OR support for remote fopen()
posix functions (for the multiprocess update daemon, otherwise not needed)
GD (for OTP QR code generation, otherwise not needed)
PostgreSQL or MySQL depending on the database server used

Some safe_mode-related restrictions may stop parts of tt-rss from functioning. This is usually only a problem for (unsupported) shared hosting configurations. ... erver-side

You will need a dedicated web hosting account (i.e. VDS) or access to a server running generic modern LAMP stack or compatible. Shared hosting account may work but is not supported. Running tt-rss on windows is possible but not supported.

Additionally, tt-rss requires:

PHP version 5.3 or newer (detailed PHP requirements)
PostgreSQL or MySQL (InnoDB is required, MyISAM will not work).

You can use either of the databases, but PostgreSQL should run tt-rss faster.

But it's also important to take into account stuff that is not required, but can prevent a perfect working. For example:

-Very short PHP timeout that you can't change.
-PHP command line access for the cron job for updates.
-TT-RSS databases can grow big. Some providers limit the size of databases.
-Crazy antivirus reporting on TT-RSS.
-Points for PostgreSQL instead of MySQL.
-Points for custom php.ini.
-Points for git support so you can update directly from trunk.
-Points for being a good provider in everything else: support, safety, supporting more languages than PHP...
- ...

Any thoughts?

Disclaimer: I'm going to switch hosting providers soon and need to find the best possible for tt-rss.
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Re: Good shared hosting providers

Postby jdelamater99 » 12 Aug 2013, 20:46

I'm using Server Logistics, and so far I've been happy with them. I opened my account with them a few years ago, when PHP 5.2 was current, so when I decided to switch to TT-RSS, I had to contact support to get them to update my PHP version to 5.3, but that was relatively painless. Not sure what version you get on new accounts, but it's not hard to get it updated.

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Re: Good shared hosting providers

Postby Aldursil » 12 Aug 2013, 21:36

I use Bluehost. They have MySQL and PostgreSQL. You can have a shell account and FTP access as well. I had a few issues initially getting the cron job to work but someone came up with a cron job for me that works great.

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Re: Good shared hosting providers

Postby Louie » 12 Aug 2013, 22:36

I'm using HostGator with one issue. I had to set up a cron job to call the update script since I cannot run a daemon. The default php is not 5.3 but they have both installed, so I just had to reference the full path for 5.3.

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Re: Good shared hosting providers

Postby elliotk » 12 Aug 2013, 23:36

Not exactly a shared hosting provider, but I'm running TTRSS on an Amazon EC2 Micro instance. It's pretty darn cheap if you buy a reserved instance for a year. I was already using mine as a shell server, so it was really a no-brainer.

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Re: Good shared hosting providers

Postby Bob » 13 Aug 2013, 00:54

Dreamhost run it fine, as long as you remember to set the path to php, , git is also supported although I haven't used it to deploy ttrss.

I use it to update about 250 feeds every cron runs every 10 minutes (currently have about 10000 unread items - oops) and it's really quick.

Here is a post I made on the DH forums about setting it up:- ... #pid168148

Also, you can use TTRSS as a promo to get $50 off (and I'll get a referral fee if you use it) - fox/admin remove this if you don't want me promoting it.

Any help needed on setting it up on DH, give me a shout.

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Re: Good shared hosting providers

Postby lyallp » 13 Aug 2013, 03:27

I use AussieHQ in Australia.
I have only about 40 feeds and only 2 active users, but going great.

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Re: Good shared hosting providers

Postby phillipkent » 26 Aug 2013, 12:51

I use Nearly Free Speech This is pay-as-you-use service so very good for low traffic websites.

Installs and works fine, except for one issue. tt-rss will not run with the provider's default 'PHP 5 fast' option which uses 'safe_mode'. So I use the alternative 'PHP 5 Flex' with safe_mode off. The cost is much slower performance. The support FAQ says this:

Most people who choose PHP 5 Flex do so for the wrong reasons. It can mask the existence of certain problems and thus sometimes appears to be an easy way to make broken things appear to work. Due to the severe performance penalty, we strongly recommend against using PHP 5 Flex to circumvent open_basedir() restrictions or PHP file permissions issues. Problems with open_basedir are almost always caused by incorrect path configurations or depending on bad default paths, issues which are typically very easy to resolve under PHP 5 Fast. File permissions issues merely require a basic understanding of the Unix owner/group file permissions system. If you use PHP 5 Flex to solve the problem instead, you will destroy the performance of your site for no reason.

I don't know PHP so cannot diagnose what is going wrong.

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Re: Good shared hosting providers

Postby craywolf » 26 Aug 2013, 17:09

This isn't shared hosting, but I've had good luck with Digital Ocean so far. Their small VM instance is $5/month and handles TT-RSS with a single user just fine.

However - since it's a VM and not shared hosting - you NEED to know how to set up a firewall on linux, install packages, and configure things like Apache and MySQL/Postgres by hand. If you're comfortable with all that, though, it means you get full control. They even have DNS hosting included, and let you set rDNS records.

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