public.php?op=rss not showing all feeds

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public.php?op=rss not showing all feeds

Postby mcwebtree » 03 Jan 2014, 21:31


I have a working installation of Tiny RSS with 4 feeds, a feed from a facebook page, a feed from twitter via the twitterpage.php utility, a feed from my wordpress site and a feed from a news site RSS feed. I want to aggregate them into one rss feed that I can push back into my wordpress page as a single feed. I can view all the feeds in the web interface fine. The only thing is some of them show up with a grey title rather than a black one, these are the ones that don't seem to show up, (see later).

I have changed the templates/generated_feed.txt to an rss structure rather than atom, however that shouldn't make any difference.

The problem is that when I go to all articles and click on the RSS icon in the top right corner it only shows a feed with 2 of the 4 feeds listed. The page it gives me is /public.php?op=rss&id=-4&key=4e310aff4881e814dc9e91d1b56d140ef6f71a9d I initially changed the facebook feed from https to http which fixed it for one reload then it disappeared again.

My next plan if no one has any ideas is to write my own RSS feed direct out of the database as I can't figure out why the main public feed is apparently filtering my feeds.


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