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Re: Using unused laptop as TT-RSS only

Posted: 30 May 2014, 01:59
by mrc0mmand
whoareyou wrote:Then the error show up

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ERROR:  role "ttrss" already exists

Are you sure you set a correct password for user 'ttrss' before? If not, you can change it by executing following SQL query:

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ALTER USER ttrss WITH PASSWORD 'yoursupersecretpassword';

Then proceed with creating a database and granting appropriate privileges to ttrss user.

I still couldn't access my ttrss in Firefox.

Are you modifying an existing ttrss installation or installing a new one?

If it still doesn't work, open your pg_hba.conf (probably located in /var/lib/pgsql/data) and add this record above already existing rules

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host    ttrssdb         ttrss             md5

Re: Using unused laptop as TT-RSS only

Posted: 30 May 2014, 06:01
by AngryChris
whoareyou wrote:
sleeper_service wrote:
whoareyou wrote:OK great. That guide you provided it tad confusing for me. I decided to look for another guide which ... -ubuntu/2/ help a lot for me. What I am doing wrong?

if you use someone's pre-packaged tt-rss setup, and have problems with it, ask *THEM* questions about how to make it work, not us..

Very well. I decided now to follow the guide that pcause provided. However I came to a block. I am trying to follow a command line, but it is using mysql command line. I swap out mysql to postgresql. But terminal can't find postgresql. I check to make sure postgresql is installed in Software Manager. And it said it is installed. Terminal said postgresql: command not found.

Jesus fuck. Are you for real? ... index.html


Re: Using unused laptop as TT-RSS only

Posted: 30 May 2014, 06:29
by sleeper_service
whoareyou wrote:Please be patient with me. Where I go next?

I'm *very* tempted, but I shall attempt to be nice.

please keep in mind what this forum is, it's a forum to support the operation of *STANDARD* TT-RSS *ONLY*.
  • it is not a "how do I use computers" forum.
  • it is not a "how do I install linux" forum.
  • it is not a "why does my web server do [something unexpected]' forum.
  • it is not a "how do I configure [mysql|postgres] forum.
  • it is not a "how do I make PHP behave" forum.
  • it is not a "why does my "packaged by someone else" version of tt-rss not [xxx] forum.
there are other places that are designed for those things.... search help for them there.

if you are having problems setting up postgres, go look there, it's a little more complicated to set up than mysql, but it's worth learning the differences, and how to get it to work. there are *LOTS* of very helpful postgres people out there on the net.

if you want to run your packaged version of ttrss that you found, that's fine, but ask *THEM* if it doesn't behave right, for multiple reasons, including
  1. we don't know how it's set up, since we didn't make it
  2. they need to know that what they created doesn't work right, so they can fix it.
  3. they made it, they can support it.

once you've got linux, a web server, php, and a database all up and working, then you can drop ttrss onto it pretty easily.

thousands of people have.

e: look who discovered lists :lol: