Craigslist Feeds Wont Update

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Craigslist Feeds Wont Update

Postby mxb187 » 23 May 2015, 04:31

I am using a hostgator shared hosting account. Setup TT-RSS on a subdomain. I am using it to keep on top of craigslist postings across several cities and states for job opportunities. Pulled the RSS feed url's from craigslist, and added them into tt-rss. When i first added them manually they worked just fine. I noticed they never updated though. I did setup a cron job with hostgator and verified the command line was correct with them. Doesn't mean it was correct, the guy seemed pretty confused but im hoping its correct. The issue im running into is the feeds (about 40 of them) never update. The only way i can get it to show new articles is if i right click on a feed, click 'edit feed', then click save on the window that pops up. Then it will show recent articles. Other than that, i cant figure out how to get it to update the feeds regularly.

Any help is truly appreciated!! Thanks

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Re: Craigslist Feeds Wont Update

Postby JustAMacUser » 23 May 2015, 06:09

Post the line entry for said cron job.

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