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update feeds (newbie)

Posted: 27 Jun 2015, 17:47
by Galtor

I have recently installed correcly TT-Rss in a server (Hostinger in this case). However, I do not understand what command to use to update the feeds, which is the step-by-step, please?. I'm using Win+Firefox. I used easycron, however I found that the command it uses is unvalid already.

Thanks a lot,

Re: update feeds (newbie)

Posted: 28 Jun 2015, 06:20
by DMLinton
To update feeds, you want to call update.php, which is located in the root of the TT-RSS installation directory. For example, on Debian Linux using Cron, I issue the following as user www-data:

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/var/www/tt-rss/update.php --feeds --quiet

Re: update feeds (newbie)

Posted: 01 Jul 2015, 08:57
by Galtor
Thanks a lot. I found however that Hostinger free version doesn't support php cli, which is essential.

Re: update feeds (newbie)

Posted: 20 Jul 2015, 15:08
by dedioste
Have you tried using a wrapper, as described here on the forums?

I am on a shared hosting and with this I can update without any problem.

You can then use some sort of "scheduled task service", either provided by your hosting or through something like SetCronJob, pointing it at your wrapper file.

Re: update feeds (newbie)

Posted: 22 Jul 2015, 10:25
by Galtor
Thanks, I will try