Upping the limit of shown articles?

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Upping the limit of shown articles?

Postby PVer » 17 Feb 2016, 16:39

So I installed TT-RSS, imported my opml file. 's all fine and dandy.

However, I noticed only about 20 or so articles are shown initially. Is there a way to go back much further with the RSS? I checked the subscribed RSS, they DO have more than the 20 articles or so in their RSS.

I cannot find any option in the admin center, nor do I find a plugin that allows this feature nor is there anything in the config.php. Am I missing something or is that hardcoded in the code?

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Re: Upping the limit of shown articles?

Postby fox » 17 Feb 2016, 17:00

well i'm happy to report that there is no such limitation in tt-rss, hardcoded or otherwise

now if you're not satisfied with this answer i suggest you start with stickied threads in support

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