TT-RSS + Electron via Nativefier

If you run tt-rss on an officially unsupported platform (shared hosting, Windows, etc.) post here
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TT-RSS + Electron via Nativefier

Postby MichaelTunnell » 12 Apr 2017, 18:07

I realize this is out of the scope of support for this forum, I am only asking as a last resort before I give up on this task.

I am trying to make an Electron App for TT-RSS for my own install of TT-RSS. (not to distribute) I am using a tool called "Nativefier" which automatically builds Electron apps based on criteria you provide it. I've used Nativefier on many occassions and it all seems to work fine except for TT-RSS.

I am not sure why but the TT-RSS version of the electron app can never gets past the login page.

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Re: TT-RSS + Electron via Nativefier

Postby fox » 12 Apr 2017, 18:36

moving this thread because it has no place in support

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