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Small status update

Posted: 17 Apr 2012, 14:13
by fox
1. I'm on vacation until April 28 or so.

2. Google SDK is currently broken on x64 windows, which means no updates for android app until they decide to unfuck their shit.

Re: Small status update

Posted: 17 Apr 2012, 18:40
by markwaters
Have a good time!

Re: Small status update

Posted: 02 May 2012, 08:04
by fox
Vacation was great. Now on to grueling stuff:

So not only had I put JAVA_HOME (using PROGRA~1 notation, naturally, because google engineers who wrote the scripts never heard of spaces) in environment variables which I never had to do before, I also had to copy x86_64 swt library to x86 in android sdk innards because apparently google is retarded and can't distinguish between the platforms properly. ... id=3917#c9

Got broken in 2009, apparently fixed later on, and then broken again. How many PHDs does google employ again? Right.

What's the funniest part in all this is that their own SDK eats so much RAM you just have to use x64 everything, 4GB is really not enough for their shit to work fast enough.