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Posted: 17 May 2012, 16:51
by fox
Read the following carefully. Ignoring the rules will get you banned.

1. After registering and posting something, don't be surprised it doesn't show up immediately - your post has to pass premoderation first. Please don't post dupes, wait a bit and your post will be accepted.

Your first posts should also be meaningful. "Me too", "thanks" and other such posts will not pass moderation.

2. Do not post ads for your services or hosting platforms on this forum. Users recommending stuff to each other is one thing, outright ads will be removed and user banned. If you want to advertise your commercial product here, don't.

3. English is the only acceptable language on this forum. Don't post in multiple languages either, use English only.

4. If you are using third party packages you didn't download directly from ask package maintainers for support. Packages are usually outdated and/or add arbitrary modifications to the source nobody here is interested in investigating.

Additional rules for posting in Support subforum:

Please understand that the requirements and penalties for ignoring them are there for a reason: not wasting time trying to guess your platform, hosting solution, even tt-rss version, makes actually helping you a lot easier.

1. Support: Read this before asking questions
2. Support: VDS / Dedicated hosting only!