update-translations.sh gives different information

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update-translations.sh gives different information

Postby lomz » 30 Nov 2008, 23:19

Please look at the screenshot, I use SVN to update one TT-RSS-folder on my computer for translation and one on my server for being the reader, but they actually give me different answers.
They are from the same revision (2694) so I have problems explaining it.
I have also added the norwegian translation files from both my server and my computer.
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Re: update-translations.sh gives different information

Postby fox » 01 Dec 2008, 11:17

Hm. No idea. Did you make local changes to the source? Maybe it's some merge problem. Try verifying that actual source files are the same (e.g. the .po files, for example) or just checkout the source again.

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