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Addition to the Shortcuts Menu...

Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 21:21
by martywd
 One humble suggestion.

Got tt-rss up and running a week ago, no make that several weeks ago now. (Issues getting account setup in the forum to make this post. Today after recreating account, again. all seems well?)

On the client side, trying to figure a way (via keyboard) to Close after opening the third pane that opens when I click on a Headline in one of my feed subscriptions -or- middle click on the headline and choose 'view in a tt-rs tab'? Hmmmmm? Looked at the 'keyboard shortcuts' popup multiple times in the browser? Searched the tt-rss wiki for clues? Searched here in the tt-rss forums? Nothing. _Finally_ figured out the 'Esc' key was the key press to make this happen. Alright!

Specifically. I suggest that a mention of the 'Esc' key's functionality in tt-rss' browser client 'keyboard shortcuts' popup (or to the 'Interface Tips' wiki page) would be helpful in the future for other lowly users such as myself.


Re: Addition to the Shortcuts Menu...

Posted: 06 Feb 2013, 10:49
by fox
I'll mention esc in the wiki. I sort of thought it was obvious. :-)

Edit: in trunk and in 1.7.0 there's a separate documented hotkey "a q" to close article panel, esc doesn't do it any longer.