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Once You Get It Working

Postby idoxlr8 » 01 Jun 2013, 10:48

Not long ago Google announced that it would close it's popular reader, People from around the globe started looking for a replacement online reader with the same features and functionality.
I too was a Google reader user and most of my online time was spent reading my feeds. Is there a reason that we read feeds instead of carelessly browsing around the web and submitting your computer to the many bullshit Trojans, viruses, ad ware, etc. that you encounter? Of course there is, we feed readers understand the importance of safety and security. Or so I hope.
So Google dumped you.
1. Get Over It
2. You Found TTRSS
3. It's only complicated for the casual computer user. (Ex: not everybody knows how to play nice with a server, or some don't even know what a server is)
4. Most Home users have a pc that can do the job... just need a little walking through... (search windows install)
5. My suggestion, take time to walk through the wiki and read the forums. (It's a must)
6. The current version of TTRSS is so...SOO way ahead of what Google Reader ever was. If you are here because Google shit on you. Take a few days and read the forum. Experiment, Fork your own version...
What ever you decide to do, remember that this is one persons pet project and you came here looking for a replacement.
Fox has provided us with open source code so that we can build what we think our version of Google's Reader should be.
7. Now Go learn some PHP and build your perfect Google Reader Replacement...

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Re: Once You Get It Working

Postby sleeper_service » 01 Jun 2013, 11:12

well said.


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Re: Once You Get It Working

Postby xtaz » 01 Jun 2013, 13:02

idoxlr8 wrote:6. The current version of TTRSS is so...SOO way ahead of what Google Reader ever was

To be fair so were the older versions. I used ttrss back in 2009 and for some reason which I can't really remember now I decided to try out google reader for a while and just stayed with it, probably out of laziness. The second google announced they were shutting it down I immediately went back and installed ttrss again. Within minutes I thought why on earth did I switch to google in the first place after remembering what was so good about ttrss. And what has surprised me even more is that even within the last couple of months ttrss has improved massively. I run the trunk version which I update on an almost daily basis and the amount of things which have been added or tweaked for the better in such a short period of time is astounding.

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