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dynamic fixed headlines

Postby ManuelW » 03 Jun 2013, 16:27

hey guys,

first i have to say ttrss is a great selfhostet rss feeder, i love it :) But one thing i miss for my workflow.

I use the rss feed separated view, with the "mark as read" link in the title row. i overview the news in a
feed and i don't read everything, to mark the feed as read i press the link in the top row.
Now i have a lot of news in some feeds, so i have to scroll up to the top row or if i have a long article open
so i have to scroll up also.

what i want is, a dynamic fixed top row. that means, the title row for each feed scrolls to the top and if they
is there it stay there even i scroll deeper. So i can reach the "mark as read" link always. The top row haven't
to scroll over the menu bar on top so it's hidden.

I hope you understand what i try to describe, sorry for my bad English.

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