The ability to generate a hierarchy on the labels

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The ability to generate a hierarchy on the labels

Postby bobmacoy » 26 Sep 2013, 03:50


I've been "studying" the Tiny Tiny RSS, already two days is really a great job, thank you Fox

Well I'm here to suggest that there is the possibility to insert a label into each other hierarchically.

My thought is to add a label and if it is at the lowest level of a hierarchy to add others.

How, Intel> Processors> Haswell
By adding the label Haswell, you would be adding all the others, because it is part of all these markers.

I have not read about regular expressions yet, but another idea is the possibility of using the "or" operator in order to form the rules.
How, Apple "and" iPhone "or" iPad "or" iPod.

Again, thank you Fox, and sorry for taking your time, if this idea is stupid.

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