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See what filters matched an article

Posted: 13 Dec 2013, 22:24
by davidm
This suggestion is very very niche, so it would be better as a plugin. Also, I guess it may be very complex technically and not worth it. And of course, it might not be worth it because nobody thought it worth it. :)

So, I'd like to have a way of seeing which filters the opened article has matched. This could be an icon in the bottom right of the article; after clicking it, the system would pass the article through the active filters and show you a popup with words from the article and the names of the filters that each word matched.

Use case: in the instance I use for work I have some 50 filters that probably add up to more than 250 words for matching (it's the nature of the subjects I track: media write about them using everyday language, not technical terms). I often open articles and don't have the slightest idea of why a filter raised its score. Reviewing both the article and filters is very difficult. That's where the plugin I suggest would help.

This happens to me because I use TTRSS more as a tool for filtering and managing information than as a reader. That's why I said this is a niche problem.

Bears welcome. :mrgreen:

Re: See what filters matched an article

Posted: 15 Dec 2013, 12:30
by fox
It should be easy enough to make a button plugin which would call get_article_filters() and format the results. This is how update function does it:

Code: Select all

               $article_filters = get_article_filters($filters, $entry_title,
                  $entry_content, $entry_link, $entry_timestamp, $entry_author,

It's all self-explanatory. Get id, collect the title, link, etc, and make output.