Android client: Special Setting for Offline mode

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Android client: Special Setting for Offline mode

Postby warakurna » 30 Jan 2014, 23:46

Together with the Andorid app tt-rss is the perfect solution for me.
There is only one thing which I miss a little bit.
Since the normal offline mode downloads all unread articles only, it would be nice to add special settings for the offline mode like "Download marked/favorite articles and go offline".

Another idea would be to make marked/favorite articles offline available by default or via preferences without any link to the offline mode.

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Re: Android client: Special Setting for Offline mode

Postby fox » 31 Jan 2014, 00:10

Offline mode by design provides a temporary cache of new shit you might want to read while network is for some reason temporarily unavailable (i.e. you are on a plane). Don't expect any options or whatever which change how this functionality works.

My position on this is final. If you don't like it, use something else.

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