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Feature request: article word count

Postby davidm » 12 Feb 2014, 14:14

This idea is probably better suited for a plugin than core.

I could use the word count of feed articles for several goals. Sometimes I don't have the time or the mental coherence to read something long, other times I have a long trip to go and I'd like to concentrate on a long, meaty article. I could also set a filter that stars long articles from a certain feed, and then automatically import long articles into a read-later service or whatever.

I see at least three ways to use the word count in the interface:

-Word count in each headline, i.e. next to the date. Now you see how long an article is before opening.
-Criteria for filters, so you can i.e. create a label for long articles.
-Sort articles by word count.

Some programs, instead of word count, use estimated time of reading (example: wallabag, previously poche).

Of course, this might be hard to implement/CPU intensive/too niche, so feel free to release the bears on me.

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