Automatically delete certain articles during import

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Automatically delete certain articles during import

Postby ritual_habitual » 13 Oct 2015, 04:29

Hi folks!

Has anyone found a good way to delete unwanted articles at time of import, to avoid a bloated database?

Since I'm subscribed to hundreds of feeds, I use Filters to assign Labels and Tags to the articles that are relevant for me. Since only about 25% of the articles are relevant, I would love to create a Filter that will Delete all remaining articles at the time of import since my database is getting unnecessarily large.

I've tried two methods, but neither have been successful. Can one of you point me in the right direction? Thanks very much!

Method 1: Create filter to Delete any article that does NOT have any of my own tags
Match RegEx against Article Tags: ^((?!my first tag|my second tag).)*$
This RegEx works as follows: The entire string must be made up of characters which are not preceded by a given string, which means that the string doesn't contain the given substring.
Apply Actions: Delete
Placement: At bottom of filter list, to be executed last

I also tried a regex that matches the names of my tags, and then set to 'Inverse match', but that didn't have desired effect of Deleting the articles either. Here's what that RegEx looked like:
(?i).*?\b(my first tag|my second tag)\b

Method 2: Create one filter to 'Stop/Do Nothing' if article has my tags, then another follow-up filter to Delete all other articles
First Filter:
Match RegEx against Article Tags: (?i).*?\b(my first tag|my second tag)\b
Apply Actions: Stop/Do Nothing
Placement: To be executed second to last

Second Filter:
Match RegEx against Title: .*
Apply Actions: Delete Article
Placement: Bottom of list, to be executed last

Again, none of these had desired impact of automatically Deleting articles that don't have tags.

Thanks for your guidance!

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