[Android Client] Open links as Chrome custom tab

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Re: [Android Client] Open links as Chrome custom tab

Postby Maru » 02 Dec 2015, 10:37

Hello fox,

I just tried the custom tabs feature and on at least my phone I am seeing an intermediate issue of Chrome opening instead of the tab. It does not happen all the time but I can reproduce it quite easily by going to an article clicking on the floating button to open it in a tab, then closing the tab and swiping to the left to go to the next article. If I then click on the floating button Chrome opens. Running this through the debugger I see that m_customTabClient is NULL in the OpenURI method in this case.

Furthermore logcat also shows me this entries...
12-02 08:27:15.625 1600-3090/org.fox.ttrss E/SQLiteLog: (14) cannot open file at line 32516 of [00bb9c9ce4]
12-02 08:27:15.625 1600-3090/org.fox.ttrss E/SQLiteLog: (14) os_unix.c:32516: (2) open(/NotificationPermissions.db) -
12-02 08:27:15.625 1600-3090/org.fox.ttrss D/WebKit: ERROR:
12-02 08:27:15.625 1600-3090/org.fox.ttrss D/WebKit: SQLite database failed to load from /NotificationPermissions.db
Cause - unable to open database file
12-02 08:27:15.625 1600-3090/org.fox.ttrss D/WebKit: external/webkit/Source/WebCore/platform/sql/SQLiteDatabase.cpp(71) : bool WebCore::SQLiteDatabase::open(const WTF::String&, bool)

That said it is also showing me this entries if the tab actually opens so this might not be related at all.

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Re: [Android Client] Open links as Chrome custom tab

Postby fox » 02 Dec 2015, 11:22

well i spent a few minutes swiping stuff around and opening links and so far it worked every time

this sounds like you're being samsung'd i'm afraid

e: since you're debugging anyway you can look at the code that binds to the chrome service, maybe there's a way to see why it doesn't succeed

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