Buffer plugin (dangerous amateur inside)

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Buffer plugin (dangerous amateur inside)

Postby davidm » 13 Nov 2013, 17:53

AKA "lamest plugin ever"

A plugin that adds a button to send articles to the Buffer service (that schedules posts in Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.). Files here: https://github.com/Menti/Tiny-Tiny-RSS/ ... ins/buffer

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How did you do it?
I took fox's Twitter plugin, changed the sharing URL and changed everything that said "twitter" or "tweet" to "buffer". Even stuff that I didn't understand. And I made an icon.

Are you really that retarded?
Yes. I know nothing of JS or PHP. This was an utterly idiotic shot in the dark.

Then why should it work?
Because I tested it with different browsers, being logged in and out of Buffer, and everything worked as expected.

Should I trust you?
Hell no. If you have the slightest knowledge of PHP and JS, please take a look at the code. Trust this plugin under your own responsibility until someone believably checks that nothing breaks.

Bears and bans welcome. :mrgreen:

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Re: Buffer plugin (dangerous amateur inside)

Postby elforesto » 08 Aug 2014, 03:59

Since the original plugin (and repo) is long gone, I made a replacement based on my Hootsuite plugin. Fair warning: I made it for another user on my install, not myself, so I won't be doing a bunch of maintenance on it.


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