feedbrowser (popularfeeds etc..) issue - resolved

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Re: feedbrowser (popularfeeds etc..) issue - resolved

Postby rainclouds » 18 May 2015, 23:46


Sorry fox wasn't meant like that. am building a clean machine with wiki specs.
Virgo's suggestion was only to have a better query for everyone. But if you think this one is good enough fine to, you after all suggested cleaning the query up in this thread.

Making a new build (and a debian postgres also), new centos build for curiosity i build many a day so curious what i so fucked up.

But like you said case closed. Ill use the debian / postgres version with virgo's suggestion as his contribution was great and works indeed well.

I understand as i am new that nobody likes a new person posting or asking questions. sorry about that.


You mention unknown software however i clearly specified that :
CENTOS 6 with mysql and CENTOS 7 with mariadb (latest versions) nothing else then the php components and other you mention on the wiki. Totally dedicated to tt-rss. no other packages or software running on it.

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Re: feedbrowser (popularfeeds etc..) issue

Postby vidar » 19 May 2015, 01:49

virgo wrote:My question is, is this subselect even necessary? What would happen, if private or password protected feeds were to be excluded in main query? Because they would only appear in result, if someone has those feeds as non-private and/or not password protected. And it would make query much clearer.

That would change behaviour from "only show feeds that nobody has marked private and nobody uses credentials for" to "only show feeds that at least one user has not marked private and does not use credentials for". That actually sounds fine to me, but it is a change of logic from the original query.

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Re: feedbrowser (popularfeeds etc..) issue - resolved

Postby fox » 19 May 2015, 08:39

this might be fine, the original behavior might be pushing the privacy angle a bit too far

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