Article loading JS Ajax call

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Article loading JS Ajax call

Postby Anchakor » 23 Apr 2013, 03:03

I am developing a plugin which queries a local running JSON serving service for keyword extraction from article, user rating of the keywords and filtering out the articles based on previous ratings.
I got the plugin basically working, but it does a blocking curl call to the service during hook_render_article_cdm which happens every time you change feed view...
I was hoping I could make a JS call when each article is rendered to the backend which would be sort of asynchronous as other webserver process could handle it. It would mean the articles would at start all be displayed and when the results came back from the rating service it would fill in the keyword rating widgets and possibly hide the article contents. Unfortunately I didn't find a way how to do it, short of having in the plugin JS running an infinite loop which checks every second the articles on the page, if it has the rating result and keywords for them and processing and handling them, which is silly.
Any ideas how to better do it?

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