Is it possible to subscribe feeds with TT-RSS in ff-mobile

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Is it possible to subscribe feeds with TT-RSS in ff-mobile

Postby langhaarschneider » 09 Feb 2015, 11:48


i wanted to ask, if anyone knows how to subscribe feeds with TT-RSS in Firefox-mobile (android).

If i open in firefox menue/page/subscribe page, i only have the option to subscribe with My Yahoo. I tried to add TT-RSS as Feedreader in Firefox mobile with the button in TT-RSS options/Feeds/Firefox-Integration, but it seems that it doesn't work in Firefox mobile.
(all menue-items are translated from German to english. they might be not named correctly - but i hope you understand what i mean...)

Has anyone any ideas howto make it possible?

Thank you!


PS: Yes, i posted that topic before in the wrong forum (knowledbase) - i hoped that this topic would be a part of a knowlegdebase-article after i got answers for it. But instead of deleting it, it would habe been much nicer if it would have been moved to the right forum.

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