Bug when displaying image attachments

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Bug when displaying image attachments

Postby linoth » 23 Aug 2015, 19:39

I wish my knowledge of git was a little more solid so I could offer patches or any of that good stuff, but thankfully this one looks pretty simple to describe and I even tested.

When displaying image attachments, it seems that the height and width values are being swapped for my feeds.

It looks like these are handled on /include/functions2.php, lines 1956 and 1958, and switching the values on my instance corrected the issue. Note that "height" is being given the "width" item from the $entry array and vice versa.

Is there a use case where the swap is correct?

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Re: Bug when displaying image attachments

Postby JustAMacUser » 23 Aug 2015, 20:12

Not sure what the use-case would be, fox can add his thoughts, but I've submitted a patch to assign width to width, etc.


e: Patched has been merged. A git pull should get things working for you. Thanks for pointing this out and thanks to fox for the quick merge.

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