[GitHub] ttirssi - plugin for irssi

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[GitHub] ttirssi - plugin for irssi

Postby mrc0mmand » 29 Dec 2015, 19:37


in sudden wave of procrastination I made a plugin for irssi IRC client - ttirssi, which parses tt-rss feeds via its API and prints recent articles into separate irssi window. In its current state it parses only "Fresh articles" feed, but support for user defined feed selection should be implemented soon.

Screenshot along with installation instructions can be found on plugin's GitHub page: https://github.com/mrc0mmand/ttirssi

Any suggestions, issues or patches are welcome!

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Re: [GitHub] ttirssi - plugin for irssi

Postby fox » 29 Dec 2015, 21:04

nice! next stop plugging directly into ircd

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