Made a few improvements

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Made a few improvements

Postby meyercr » 31 Jul 2011, 04:24

I forked the latest version from github and added the following changes =>
(I also extended opml export, but I am going to roll this back, and make it a separate commit)
  • functions.php: Fixed some mild errors.
    • fetch_file_contents() - using $updated when it was not defined - commented it out
    • update_rss_feed_real() - was also using $updated was undefined (removed) -had a inconsistent return, added return false;
    • lookup_user_id($link, $user) - inconsistent arg $user but was using $login for the SELECT not $user
    • format_headline_subtoolbar() - used $search_q before it was assigned to, re-ordered the code (but you already caught this :) )
    • format_article() - The 3rd arg "$feed_id" was never used in the function, it was set in the function - Verified (and modified as needed) function calls in backend.php (5 Usages) - and in modules/backend-rpc.php (1 usage)
    • printTagCloud() - Before ksort($tags) add a check for count($tags) == 0 return - replace depreciated split() calls with explode()
  • backend.php - replace depreciated split() calls with explode()
  • modules/backed-rpc.php
    • replace depreciated split() calls with explode()
    • handle_rpc_request(), separate asort() from join(), asort() does not return an array.
      • This fixes a problem where a new tag is added to an entry, but doesn't show up after clicking on save. User must do a screen refresh. - A PHP error msg was being returned in the JSON response.

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